Pignatelli Cares
Pignatelli Cares is a Parish based assistance project to help any families who are experiencing some form of crisis.

The assistance we hope to provide would be in the form of meals, transport or home help. Our aim is to relieve some of the stress within a family by offering this assistance. Friends and community often feel helpless when someone is suffering and this is a practical way in which we can help. Meals are often a continuous source of stress and anxiety. Providing meals means the family will have more time together without the need to shop and prepare food.
The other forms of assistance that we would hopefully be able to provide would be transport to and from church and for medical appointments, etc. That may be because that person is unwell or if you normally care for someone else and you are unwell or need some respite care we could hopefully assist with that.
Another area that we may be able to assist with might be a garden clean up where there has been a long term crisis and the family needs some help. This may be in the form of a financial donation or a donation of your time. So hopefully we can cover all the needs of our parishioners but we need to have a large volunteer base of parishioners who are willing to help..
So please contact Fr Sean or Jenny if you are able to help or if you know someone who needs our help. This is just one way in which we can help look after one another and build community.

Jenny Cogin